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Running totally separate bots on the same server

Is it possible to have a single ChatScript server, that runs different bots, such that each bot can be compiled separately?

For example, there may be 2 very complicated bots, each with about million lines. I want to change a line in one bot and re-compile it, without having to recompile the other bot.

Is this possible?


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Not currently. Though it sounds like it would be more sensible in this case to simply run 2 copies of the server on diffferent ports. 

If, however, they are truly 2 completely independent bots, you could put one on :build 0 and the other on :build 1, then they can be compiled indepedently.  You can do :build0 after having done :build 1.


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“you could put one on :build 0 and the other on :build 1”

OK, but then, will they be able to live in parallel?

For example, will it be possible for user A to speak with bot A, while user B speaks with bot B, without rebuilding the bots each time?


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Whenever you have multiple bots built, they can be communicated with separately.  I have run 5 bots on a server at once. YOUR question was can they be built independently and updated independently, without rebuilding both at once, and the answer was yes, if you put them on the 2 separate build commands.


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Ah, OK, I thought the “:build 0” will override the results of “:build 1”. If they don’t override, then it’ OK.


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In my working with trying to create a ChatScript version of Morti, I even went so far as to place his files into their own directory (so that I could run different versions of ChatScript independently), and created the file filesMorti.txt to place in each version’s main directory. Since each version of CS lived in their own directory under a central location, all I had to do was place the following:

# underlying conversation system

into filesMorti.txt to make it all work properly.
I guess the point I’m trying to make is if you’re going to have several completely separate bots, rather than naming the files with numbers (0, 1, etc) , it may be useful to give the pointer files the names of your bots, instead. That way, you can type “:build Morti” (in my case) to rebuild an individual bot. Keeping the bots in separate directories may also be helpful, but if each of the bot’s different build files is named based on which bot it belongs to, and what functionality the file covers, then separate directories are not necessary.


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