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Getting a Chatbot on Companies Facebook

How do I get a chatbot on my companies facebook page and does it work well for customers to use?


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A number of companies have found it very productive.
Are you looking to have someone build it for you or are you trying to do it on your own?


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I’m looking to do it on my own if possible. Is there a company that builds it for you for an inexpensive price?


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Hi Erin,

There may be some issues with integrating a Chatbot directly into a Facebook page with using FB developer platform. On the other hand, an effective Chatbot depends on your company’s requirements. Have you searched facebooks developer’s community to see if a Chatbot application is available? That would be the best route.


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I just started my search to see what would be the best chatbot to get for facebook or the company website. Is there a great place to go to get one for the website?


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If your familiar with PHP, this link may interest you.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!


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Thank you!


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HI Erin,
Welcome to! Have you already checked out this page with 24 Facebook chatbots:
(available through our directory page).

You might want to contact the developers and ask them whether they would be willing to help you.


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Hi Erin,

There are 2 ways to deploy a chatbot on a Facebook,

One is when you have a “normal” personal page its possible to make a connection it to Facebook Messenger protocol, that can simply be done by creating a chatbot on this is a tool where you can easily create, manage and deploy bots. There is no possibility to create custom connections with databases but in the future there will be some API for programmers to create custom functions.

The second option is when you have a Fanpage you don’t have the possibility to use Facebook Messenger you can add the chat interface in a custom app, this app can be created in the developers environment of Facebook

Here you can place the embed code from for example your Chatbot4u chatbot. But is also possible to let <advertisers mode> us / Ecreation </advertisers mode> create a custom chatbot / chat interface like for example

So as you can see there are some ways to create a bot on Facebook

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Good addition Sjoerd! Many thanks!


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