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Program O Version 2.0 Beta now Available on GitHub!

After many months of stalled progress, Liz Perreau has set up a repository for Program O, version 2.0 on GitHub.

The official support forums for Program O are at and anyone who wishes to help Beta test this new version are welcome to join the forums there (if you haven’t already) and participate. I’ll be handling the bulk of support for the time being, but once more members get up to speed, I expect that to change a little. smile

Also, if you want to help improve the project, and become a part of the dev team, PM me through the Program O forums, and we’ll discuss it.

I’m excited to see the project moving forward again, and am looking forward to seeing where we can take it.


  [ # 1 ]

All I get at the Github ( is this message:

“Nothing to see here yet. Move along.”



  [ # 2 ]

Really? Interesting. Let me look into that. Liz had placed a new repository there earlier today. :-

The files are now in place, so I’ve removed the link.


  [ # 3 ]

Thanks Dave!


  [ # 4 ]

Dave: Do you know why the file was removed from Github? Isn’t it ready yet?


  [ # 5 ]

I have yet to hear back from Liz regarding the missing files. As soon as I do, I’ll report back.


  [ # 6 ]

Dave - Am I right in thinking that Program O now supports the AIML <learn> and <eval> tags?


  [ # 7 ]

It should, Steve. That’s a part of the script that I have yet to test, personally, and I wasn’t responsible for that portion of the code (I mainly did the overhaul of the Admin pages, and some of the addon modules), but Liz mentioned over a year ago that she had been working on getting those tags to function, so I’d have to guess at it, and tentatively say “yes”.


  [ # 8 ]

Ok, it took a few days, and I’m also a couple of days late in reporting back, but the files are now up on GitHub, at:

I’m also working on a major update to tackle some bugs, and improve performance/appearance, but it will take me a few days to get it finished, and then get the hang of GitHub before it will hit the site. I’m new to this sort of collaboration, and there’s definitely a learning curve. smile


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