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MIND|CONSTRUCT is launched

Just want to let you all know that my project has moved into the next phase. We have launched the official website:

There is already quite some information available on the website, much more will be publshed coming weeks and months. Feel free to follow our development through available social media (links are on the site). I’ll drop in from time to time to give status updates here as well.


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Thanks for the update, Hans Peter. Glad to hear from you again. smile


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Congrats, Hans Peter. Good to see all your hard work is paying off.


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Nice to hear from you again Hans! smile I’ll be keeping tabs on your project website. I hope you keep the forum updated on your project as well. I’m particularly curious to see how you find PyTables and the other Python resources available, especially as your ideas develop into code.


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Thanks for the reactions. I’ll keep you guys updated here from time to time.

@CR, nice to get a reply from you too, especially as I remember a discussion about choosing a programming language and iirc you made quite a case for Python. PyTables was avery nice discovery for me (together with NumPy) as it solves several technical problems. It does force me into the hierarchical datamodel, while my initial design is/was more relational, but it looks like the transition to a hierarchical datamodel might be beneficial to my project. So we are still developing new insights as we go.


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A little update:

I’ve published a new paper on our website: Why we need ‘Conscious Artificial Intelligence’

The paper goes into the topic of why we would need AI to be conscious, and different scenarios pro and con to implementing consciousness in AI.

The paper is online here:

Feel free to comment here (I’ll drop in from time to time), but the main discussion-hub for MIND|CONSTRUCT is the dedicated LinkedIn group:

The PDF-version will be ready later today, I’ll add it to the library here on chatbots asap.


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Enjoyed your article Hans Peter. I would add
All the idols made by man, however terrifying they may be, are in point of fact subordinate to him, and that is why he will always have it in his power to destroy them.Simone de Beauvoir quote


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Tania, thanks for your kind reply. As for the quote, you might read this (very) short story: “Answer” by Fredric Brown -

More papers are going to follow soon, several of a more technical nature, so you might be interested to hook up on LinkedIn or any of the other social media options that are on the MIND|CONSTRUCT website (you can find them there in the footer of the pages).


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We have just added RapidMiner to our project toolset. RapidMiner is a platform for text analysis, machine learning and knowledge model experiments. We are using RapidMiner to test several hypotheses about the needed information structure for our strong-AI engine.

Based on our research we have developed certain hypotheses about how information (knowledge) needs to be structured, in combination with ‘temporal emotional content’, to be able to build a system that is capable of ‘emotion-based reasoning’. Testing and fine-tuning those hypotheses takes a lot of time, especially if you have to write the testing code for each and every scenario. Enter ‘RapidMiner’, a text analysis, machine learning and data transformation toolbox that makes it possible to setup models for testing very quickly. It also let you change parts of the model and retry the model very fast, as there is almost no coding involved.


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