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how to modify exception in chatbot

hi, i want to know how to modify exception in chatbot.

example “too much recursion in aiml”

“i have no answer for that”


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That depends on what platform (Program O, Pandorabots, Program E, etc.) you are using, what the original input is, and a few other factors, as well. Can you provide us with a few more details?


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i use aiml with pandorabot. i have modify aiml script in pandorabot and put malay language as input. So when the chatbot running for the exception it’s respond in english language. So could i modify this exception to malay language. exmple “i have no answer for that” convert to malay ” Tiada jawapan untuk input tersebut”


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i try to disable all original aiml file in pandorabot and subtitude with my own aiml file.but the exception file of pandorabot still not found


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Sorry but that is built in to the Pandorabot server. You cannot alter it.


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