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New Website:

Hi All,

This website: a baby step in the direction of my personal mission to use my skills (or whatever you want to call them) to help people get the empathy and validation that they can’t otherwise get from human sources. (It’s not a chatbot yet, but I plan to integrate chatbot functionality in time.)

Comments and feedback welcome.



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Hi Mohan, I’ve often found that “roughing-out” in stages is the best way to move forward complex, long term projects a bit at a time.  I have to say that I’m becoming an even bigger fan of APIs than I am of GUIs.  APIs will be easier to hook-up with speech technologies and voice platforms.  I still think that audio-visual Skype chatbots will prove more cost effective than other avatar platforms, in terms of reach.  You’ve got a good angle, work it!


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Thanks for the words of encouragement, Marcus. I hesitated a bit before announcing this to the world since the site really doesn’t do much and there’s not even the free email functionality I want to give away in exchange for the user creating an account, but I went ahead anyway for the same reason you mentioned: “roughing-out” in stages.

This book was also a motivation to release this:

Anyway, we’ll see what becomes of this.


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