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This post is to try to begin a show of support. Out of respect for privacy and to show sensitivity to family members, just be aware that there may have been an unfortunate incident with one of our very own.


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This is very sad… Dave always helped me with anything i needed help with… i am very sad to hear this.


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I received the sad news and am praying for the best possible outcome.


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Joseph Hopkins - Jul 29, 2012:

This is very sad… Dave always helped me with anything i needed help with… i am very sad to hear this.

Here is a news update, Joseph.

Laura Patterson - Jul 30, 2012:

I received the sad news and am praying for the best possible outcome.

Yes Laura, so are many more… - Jul 9, 2012:

Please pray for:
Dave Morton. He had a terrible motorcycle accident. The doctors are saying it will take a year for full recovery, though he is doing good for the condition he is in. Dave’s brother Kenn who is handling all the insurance work for hospital bills and such. Sis Nancy as she cares for her son during his recovery.



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I got the same email….. I felt posotivly terrible…


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Trust me, Joeseph, not as terrible as I felt. But I’m ‘on the mend’, and will be out of the hospital in a day or so. I want to express my most heart-felt gratitude for everyone’s recovery wishes and comments. It’s still going to take a long time to fully recover from the accident, but God willing, I’ll be back soon. smile


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Yo Dave, don’t you have a chatbot that you can just talk at and get it to do things for you, like type??  I just got CallMom on my new Nexus 7 tablet, and the ASR is pretty darn good!


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Well I am happy to hear that smile


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So glad to hear from you!!!! Go back to bed and take some rest. We definitely catchup up soon.

All the love from Holland.


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Nice to see you back on the boards! Godspeed on your recovery.


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So, how is your recovery coming along, Dave?


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Thanks for asking, 8pla. smile

I’m recovering well, actually. I’m walking again (AND driving!), and for the most part, I don’t even need to use a cane.I still “walk funny”, and will for a long time yet, but that’s really a very minor thing. I’ve been posting my progress on Facebook with text and videos, so that my family and friends can see how I’m doing. My cousin, Linda, who was one of the people I was going to go visit when the accident occurred, plans on being with me on a 5k run at some future point, and I’m actually looking forward to it. In fact, I want to go for that run (and I DO mean run) on the 1 year anniversary of the wreck.

About the only thing that mars my recovery is the fact that my right elbow is permanently locked at about a 60 degree angle, and will never move again. My right hand and wrist still work fine, but I’ll never be able to bring my hand to my head again, so scratching my right ear, or palming my forehead to say “Doh!” is now a bit more challenging, but overall, that’s a VERY tiny price to pay, all things considered.

If you get a chance to check out my Facebook page ( there are not only my status reports, but also lots of pictures. I encourage everyone to do so, and friend me if you like. smile


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Hey Dave,

Just checking in on you…

Figured 12-12-12 is as good a day as any.

How are you doing with your recovery ?

Happy Holidays!


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Still hanging in there. With only 9 days left before E.T’s evil neighbors come to turn our planet into one giant, smoking crop circle, I’m saving up my pennies to get a Nomex® suit, a package of SweetHeart® drinking straws (to use for spitwad shooters, of course), and a case of Kleenex® (the ammo), so I can head for the hills before the Vogons start building that Hyperspace Bypass.

And, of course, Happy Holidays, and a merry Crimbo to you, as well. smile

Oh! And Joyous Kwanza! cheese


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