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‘Notify me’ checkbox not checked when subscribed

I have noticed that when I’m subscribed to a topic and post a reply, that the checkbox next to “Notify me via email when someone posts in this topic” is unchecked. As a result I automatically get unsubscribed from the topic after posting the reply. It would be better if this checkbox was checked when subscribed to the topic.


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Hi Arrthur, can’t reproduce this. As far as I can see, it’s always checked. Or did you uncheck it somewhere and your preference travelled along to another posting?

offtopic: the quote you did use in the title of this posting was displayed to me as " After I changed the title and simply used ’ ’ it was ok. Any idea why this happened?


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I’ve just tested this in Firefox, IE and Chrome and each time the Notify checkbox is unchecked. Right now I’m subscribed to this thread and the checkbox underneath the Fast Reply box is unchecked. After I click Submit it will automatically unsubscribe me from this thread because I didn’t check the checkbox again.

I don’t know why the text in the quote disappeared. I used normal ‘single quotes’.


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this is getting weird. For me the behavior is exactly opposite. See attached screenshot, when I press ‘advanced reply’  in Google Chrome.

Image Attachments

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Is this already solved?

edit: nope, it even seems to unsubscribe me, when I post a new advanced reply without checking the ‘notify me’ checkbox. Also in Chrome btw, although I cannot imagine how a browser could inlfuence this behaviour, this is purely server-side.


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OK, this is actually weird and important.

It still works perfect for me

How does it work on the GSF website?

BTW: This part of the Robitron forum is hidden, only visibile by admins grin


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On GSF it seems to works better. The box “Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread” is checked for me on Advanced Reply there.


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ok, let me copy your situation: what OK/browser do you use?


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Is it possible that this is a “settings” issue? I’ve looked at the forums in every browser I have, except for Lynx, and that checkbox is always marked. I’m going into my personal settings, to see if there’s a setting for that, and will report back in a moment.


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Dave is right, it is a settings issue.

I signed up as a new test user that didn’t have the problem and then compared all settings with my regular account. It turns out that the option “Enable email notifications by default when you post messages” under Email Settings was unchecked. Apparently that causes “Notify me via email” checkboxes on the entire forum to be unchecked, even if you are already subscribed to a thread.

Dave and Erwin have this option checked, so that explains why you cannot replicate this issue. For Boris and me it was unchecked, so we did have the problem.


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Just checking for any follow up with this issue. Have we found anything?

As I have certain admin privileges, but code-level access, there’s not much I can do to help in any direct or tangible manner, but I may be able to come up with a notion or two. Is this forum script based on any publicly available platform? Or is it custom made?


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The website and forum use ExpressionEngine. The problem is just a settings issue. If anyone has this issue I can fix this setting for them in the EE control panel. I think we can close this thread.


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Okies. Thanks, Arthur. smile


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