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Auto-login not working?

I don’t know if this is actually a bug, but the forum seems to forget me and I have to log in each time I visit. I assume this is done with a cookie. If so, it expires too soon for me. I suggest a couple of weeks or a month for “keep me logged in”. I don’t visit the forum daily.

For the record I’m using MSIE8/WinXP. The browser remembers login cookies for other forums I use, so I don’t think I’m accidentally clearing them.

Maybe I just forgot to tick the auto-login box last time I logged in, but I definitely did it this time, so we’ll see!

Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?



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It did it again. My last visit was a day or two ago.

Also, posts that I read last time I visited are marked as unread. Sounds like cookie problems to me. It could be my browser’s cookie handling I suppose.



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mmm, interesting, do you experience problems with other websites as well?

Awesome Chatbots 3.0 conference by the far! Wish you could have been there. We had some very nice discussions. High Q people..


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Erwin Van Lun - Mar 28, 2010:

mmm, interesting, do you experience problems with other websites as well?

No, autologin works fine on other forums and on sites like Facebook.

I’m glad the bot conference was a success! Sorry I couldn’t be there.



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Do you know how to check cookies in your browser? If so, could you please share what cookies are set when you are logged in, and what cookies are set when you revisit the website and aren’t logged in automatically?

It could be a problem with old cookies, since it’s not reproducable at my side.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


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David, do you use Internet Explorer and which version?

I did some tests and auto-login seems to work fine in Firefox and Chrome but not in Internet Explorer! I hadn’t noticed this problem because I mostly use Firefox. I checked the cookie and member session settings in ExpressionEngine and everything looks good. I’ll investigate this further. Sorry about these problems David.


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I’ve emailed you the contents of my two cookies for I hope they’re helpful.



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Thank you David. You wrote in your email that auto-login has been working fine for you the last few days. Is it still working?

I thought that I could replicate the problem in Internet Explorer on my machine, but I had the option “Delete browsing history on exit” checked, so that was deleting my cookies. When unchecked auto-login is working fine for me, also in IE. So unfortunately I can no longer replicate this.


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Arthur De Wolf - Apr 7, 2010:

You wrote in your email that auto-login has been working fine for you the last few days. Is it still working?

Yes it is.

This morning I had a major Windows crash, while the browser was open. There was no apparent cause; I just moved the mouse a little and… black screen of death! After a number of reboot attempts I had to go into safe mode and delete C:\pagefile.sys (the virtual memory swap file) to persuade Windows to start up properly. However, on visiting, the auto-login worked fine—which I wasn’t expecting!



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Sorry to hear about your Windows crash, David. But good to hear that despite all that, auto-login on this website still worked. Thanks for the update. smile


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David, are you still sure you can logout, or are you now logged in forever? :-s wink


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I just auto-logged in, logged out manually, and logged in again manually—no problems!



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I’ve created a new account yesterday via IE, no special access or whatsoever. Today, I was still logged in.

Closing this thread now. Please don’t hestiate to report new issues in our the bug session on the forum:


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