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Hello Chatbotters

Hello guys, I’m Sathya. It’s been a pleasure, joining this site. I’ve been following for a few weeks now and I liked the kind of knowledge sharing on AI that’s been happening here and what I particularly like is the attitude of thinking not just on Chatbots and related technologies, but on AI as a whole like conversations on Artificial Neural Networks and other such.

Hope that I’d contribute atleast half as much smile . And very very belated Happy 2013 everyone smile Cheers!


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HI Sathya, welcome to the site.


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Welcome aboard. Always good to have new members here.


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Hi Sathya, best wishes from Germany.



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Drat! everyone seems to have usurped my duties as “official greeter”! cheese

Hello, Sathya, and welcome to As you can see, we have a friendly group of folks here, the vast majority of which are dedicated AI enthusiasts/researchers, most of which are working on what I consider to be unique aspects of AI.

Please feel free to look through the threads here, and to post your thoughts on any subject or topic that you find interesting. We welcome information on any projects that you may be working on, as well, should you feel the desire to share. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. smile


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Greetings! smile Can’t wait to see more of you on the forum.


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