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AI Singularity (just for fun)

[tongue in cheek]

Finally, that break through in AI that has created a chatbot so realistic, that it is indistinguishable from talking to the real thing. Input parsing so advanced, that you can input any sentence, in any language, and the bot will respond in an exact parallel of its human counterpart.  Not only are we prepared to demo this breakthrough, we are going to share the secret with you here on




  [ # 1 ]

ZOMG!!! I nearly died from laughing so hard! cheese

Well done, Vince! You nailed it!

Of course that means that there will be a new challenger come 2016…

Morti for PRESIDENT! cheese


  [ # 2 ]

Very funny. It confirms to me that American politicians are the same standard as British ones!


  [ # 3 ]

Yep, sound like a real Belgian politician.


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