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How about a chatbot to help you build a chatbot?

This could be a joke but with all the non-programmers who want to build customized chatbots, should there not be such a development engine with its own natural language interface?


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Hi Peter,

If an interface waits for input, then it may slow down the chatbot build, I think.

What do you think?


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Yes, if you do not know what to input…that would slow down development


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It’s a normal build - decide of the objectives and create the system as if it is any other kind of system.

Why would would this slow down development ?


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That’s a cool idea Peter!!! I’d love to have one over here grin


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I’m working on such a thing - it’s a pretty good idea Peter.  It’s a java gui app that sits ‘in front’ of a chat server and allows you to participate/modify the stream which generates files to be used to update the chatbot.

I have a ‘live’ mode where it interjects itself into the chat stream and a real person can modify the answer within a time bound, which gets sent and the data of the modification queued for updating the bot.  There is also a ‘replay’ mode where you get one side of a chat log and can write answers in order to start populating a bot easily with common questions/answers.  It’s currently a wrapper around chatscript and I do plan on open sourcing it eventually.


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HUMAN: input => ROBOT: output

ROBOT: output => ROBOT: input


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