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new here

I like to program and I’m currently developing a novel generator (
I came mostly here to share my problem about finding an AI algorithm for my program.
And hope to find here some help here or ideas because I’m stuck.



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Hi Julien, and welcome to! smile

Please describe your dilemma for us. Perhaps we can help. Feel free to be as descriptive as you feel necessary to outline the problem. It might also help to describe your background, and whatever additional information you feel relevant. We’re here to help.


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While the concept of having a computer write poetry or Novels at first seems cool, I personally find it rather distressful to think that we, in our wisdom have become so complacent that we now relegate a computer program to assume our creative side and write a novel.

Again, no offense intended toward your work Julien but for me, some things are simply better with the human touch of feelings, humor and emotional variants.

Best of luck!


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Art, while I agree with you in principle that computers should not write ALL of our prose and poetry, I think it’s a rather impressive milestone that they can do so, so I support the effort. smile

I’d be a bit frightened, however, if computers were to write BETTER stuff than we could. cheese raspberry


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Oh…I’m sure, without a doubt that eventually, they will! In fact, fast forward 40 - 50 years and they will be doing practically everything.

Right now, they can do a lot of what humans can do, and longer, faster and with much more accuracy.

I envision the future with Robot diagnosticians and surgeons, brick/block layers, finishers, drivers, cooks, nannies, smart homes and cars and everything you own connected to or with everything you own, all working seamlessly to provide a new level of comfort for your life.

How’s that for a commercial? Coming soon to a decade near you (or your children).

* It’s hard to imagine that everything around us will be ‘Ancient or Antique’ technology a hundred years from now! Just like all those wonderful things of our ancestors…the Model T, pneumatic rubber tires, enclosed cabs on cars and trucks, coal-fired and steam run equipment, AM radios, Coca-Cola, telephones,  black & white TV in most homes and so on. And that was in the early 1900’s. What the future holds will seem like magic when it finally appears. Stay tuned….


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