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conversational interface: the hci approach for chatbots?

We’ve added conversational interface to our list of chat bot synonyms.

In this page, we’ve embedded two videos, from a HCI (Human Computer Interface) perspective.

1. The Project LifeLike. A research project where speech is analysed in combination with large screens and gestures. So you can ask ‘what’s the correlation between miles per gallon and horse power, and that’s simply plotted on a screen. He well, that’s NLP isn’t it? It doesn’t say something back, but it understands your question, and that’s the most difficult part, isn’t it?
2. Project Six Sense, presented by Petty Maes of MIT during the Feb 2009 TED conference. She has demonstrated a gesture based interface, where the system recognizes various gestures and acts accordingly. If you combine this with text, ‘I meant this chair, that car or that car’, you have a very intelligent chatbot, don’t we.

We’ll discover soon that the process is quite simple:
-human express through body movements, facial movements and intonated words
-agents sense all human expressions
-the agent processes, combines it what it has previously seen, combines it with general common sense knowledge,
-the agent defines intention
-agent expresses verbal and non verbally

It’s all about creating virtual human behaviour. The more natural, the more logical.

Check out the page, the videos are very nice!

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