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Adverts in the middle of posts?!
  [ # 16 ]

Ok, now that I’ve made that last post I’m seeing them in Chrome as well. Strange, that.


  [ # 17 ]

safari on my Ipad

Edge on windows 10

Ads show in Erwin’s post and Noah’s.

Although, they disappear when I go back to the page.
Seem to show each time I go to it fresh.


  [ # 18 ]

Firefox 60.0.2 64-bits, Windows 10. The ads seem to be triggered by irony.
(Though more seriously, they appear to pop up in posts mentioning technical terms about Windows, AdSense, operating systems, servers, CS)

I wouldn’t terribly mind ads inbetween posts, but in the midst of people’s words is just inappropriate.


  [ # 19 ]

I agree, Don. Place one between the first 2 posts in a thread? Sure, no problem. Inside a post? Not only no, burt (favorite curse word here} no!

Erwin, the situation seems to be getting worse. Have you been able to make any progress?


  [ # 20 ]

Sorry to hear this gents!! According toGoogle they should have been removed by now. I’ll chk this asap. Apparently I don’t understand this functionality. If not today, then ultimately tomorrow! Sorry again for the inconvenience


  [ # 21 ]

just did another attempt, also read the google pages here:

But I still see ads ... :-(

Let’s give it a few hours, if it doesn’t work, I throw ads from the whole site and start all over again manually.


  [ # 22 ]

Also, hard programmed something in the header, which now should remove all ads. Seems to work for now. Please let me know if you still see ads.


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