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How to retrieve parts of a sentence from POS Tagger?

I am looking to use ChatScript’s POS tagger to reduce complex statements to simpler phrases. For example, for “I want to go to the mall”, I want to tag it and then get the “go to the mall” part which is [verb2 ... object2] or [verb2 ... EndofLine]  (... indicates everything in between).

However, even after going through the documentation, I still have no clue about how to do that. I understand that one can retrieve the clauses and the main verb/object/subject. But, how do I do that? where do I mention the ‘u: __ ’ statements?

Thanks so much in advance!


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Every POS tag has an associated ~ concept, e.g. ~noun, ~verb etc (see :prepare), so you can build patterns that look for those combinations.

You can also use the ^role() and ^partofspeech() functions to get information about the use of the word.

One other technique you can use is ^unmark() to hide the uninteresting words so that the matchable sentence gets smaller and smaller.


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