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SPAM Gets Physical

Saw a message just now about a new promotional robot. It can move around a shopping mall under remote control and replay canned messages at passers-by. This conjures the grotesque spectacle of being forced to deal with the scourge of SPAM that gets up and follows you around.


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arghh,, where did you see it?


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I originally saw the link on twitter… yes I finally swallowed my pride and signed up today. I’m @infurl


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you can add your twitter id on

and your tweets will be uploaded automatically.

Next idea: we’ll have a ‘what we tweet’ page, for active members. We might even put this on our home page. As a result, tweets of people who are active on, will automatically be shown on the home page. Wouldn’t that be cool?


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was to be expected, porn first, next ads LOL
nice find.


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USD $12555.44, Add to my cart?


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I fear that if that thing is deployed in any one of hundreds of shopping malls here in the US, it won’t be long before someone is shouting “STOP! Thief! that kid is making off with my ROBOT!” At only 8 kilos (17.6 lbs), any criminally minded high-school student would have an easy package to run off with.


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I agree with Dave. These things would be destroyed or stolen within a few hours in the UK too.


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At only 8 kilos

Yes, at that weight, it’d better be locked and out of reach, or it’s gone.


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Maybe it has an “evasion mode”, where it’s able to outrun/outmaneuver anyone who it feels is a threat. Now we have something on the order of a person chasing a “mechanical chicken”. smile


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