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history of Suzette and issues in chatlanguage design

here is a blog/paper I wrote for (posted into my papers on this site).


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I have been going through your article, and I have a question about chatscript. Are all of the AI features, like:

ChatScript considers chat a self-extinguishing process of communication. When a rule generates output, by default it will be eliminated from future use.

or the whole repetition thing, all hardcoded or can they be controlled from within the script?


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Nice article by the way.


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generally they are a choice in script. 

Eg., by default rules erase themselves after use, but you can mark either the rule not to, or the topic not to, as well as from another rule you could toggle a rule on or off.

likewise, by default output is not allowed to repeat itself for 20 volleys, but a rule or a topic can declare that it is allowed to repeat.


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Where can I find the complete script where Suzzette managed to fool one of the judges?


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Ah, yes, but the transcripts there are letter-by-letter…

I am sure I once saw the transcripts in a more readable format, just cannot find it now.


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probably true. But I can’t find it at present on my machine.


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I’ve taken the liberty of saving the log file, and will try later today to make it into a Human-readable transcript. Then I’ll post back with the results. smile


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I’m making progress with the conversion process, but I’m having a bit of trouble with getting the sequencing of “who said what when” properly ordered. To fix this, I’m going to have to alter the way the raw log entries are processed, and save (rather than discard) the timestamp data. I’m hoping to have some sort of coherent output shortly. smile


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Ok, it took me a bit longer than expected, but I’m pretty sure that I got it all sorted out.

Two things, first:

1.) The following transcript is only the recorded conversations between the judges and Suzette. If you want the ENTIRE transcript in readable form, that’s fine, but it will take me just a little longer to get that processed.

2.) During my work on this little challenge, I’ve come to the conclusion that one or more of the judges during the competition were complete and utter tools. Case in point: Round 3, below!

And so without any further gilding of the lily, I give you…

File Attachments
Loebner_Suzette_transcripts.txt  (File Size: 20KB - Downloads: 261)

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I second and third the notion that the judges were not the best representatives of humanity. NOR WERE THE CONFEDERATES.


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Of course, Suzette had her little “shining moment”, too, when she repeated everything the Judge typed in, during round 1. Personally, I thought it was funny, for about the first 5 volleys. After that it got a bit old.


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It was a bug. I thought it has finished Suzette off completely (though she tied for 2nd on points anyway). I have never been able to find out why that happened.


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the LPP (Loeber Prize Protocol) remains an interesting phenonemon. It is character by character, allowing to interrupt the other in the middle of a word. This could also imply we would have transscripts like this:

A: What is y
B: I don’t like the B
A: our nam
B: eatle
A: e?
B: s!

which should be converted to make it readable into:
A: What is your name?
B: I don’t like the Beatles

which is NOT the conversation as it was but it is a least readable

A time line, the whole conversation from left the right like this:

A: What is your name?                                      Nice to meet you Edward, what kind of
B:          I don’t like the Beatles and my name is Edward                           nice to meet you to!

etcetera. Also not very convenient to read but it would at least reflect reality a bit…..




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The way I processed the transcripts, the timestamp index is only used when the individual pressed CR (Carriage Return), and the script stored the entire volley as a concatenated string, indexed by that particular timestamp index. then the string for the volley is cleared, and is built once again, to form the next volley. this way, logs such as what you described, Erwin, don’t occur. Any instances of that nature in the text file I created (and there are a few) were caused by the individual entity (judge, human or Suzette) hitting the Enter key at the wrong time.

If anyone is interested, I’m more than happy to post the PHP code used to create the transcript file, so that you might use it to transcribe other log files.


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