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Introduction and French chatbot

Hello everybody, i’m a student in artificial intelligence in Paris,
i’m looking for a french chatbot, do you know where i can find one ?


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Hello, Cless, and welcome to

I’m afraid I don’t know of any chatbots that are written for the French language, but perhaps someone else here may know of one.


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I believe Harumi is a french downloadable bot.
And I think most chatbots can be made into french (little more work).


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Hi Cless,

Welcome to the forums!

Our directory currently has 43 chatbots in French:

41 chatbots targeted to France:
(we already have 37 country pages ending with /<country_extension> )

Most of them are virtual assistants, or virtual agents, i.e. used in call centers to answer questions of consumer, thus chatting in very specific domain.

General purpose chatbots are often created by amateurs:

Harumi is one of them, tx Jan!

Hopefully this helps!

If you find more, please don’t hesitate to add them to our directory:


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Also feel free to pop over to the Chatterbot Collection.  Here’s a search with the term ‘French’ giving about 70 results :


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@Roger: Are you sure they are all online? That always have been a huge problem for We’d like to develop a tool that ‘pings’ chatbots, on the web but also on IM platforms. Intestested in doing it together?


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Yeah that’s the problem, there are only so many hours in my day :/

I have a system whereby visitors can report broken links, then every so often I check them myself and mark them ‘Lost’ if they are gone.  Prior to that I also search Google to see if it’s just an address change too and if so update the URL.

I had started going through every record but I get side tracked by other things.  I think I have about 700 more bots to check.  I’m doing it when I get free moments.

Would pinging them also spot 404 errors ?


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It depends on how the bot is “pinged”, and whether or not the bot’s base URL makes use of custom error pages, but in general, the answer is yes. smile

Writing a script in PHP to process a list of URL’s to check for 404 errors isn’t difficult, unless you also want to check to see if the page in question actually contains a bot. Then, it gets a little tricky, and a limited sort of AI would need to be used to determine how the bot is accessed to get a response, since there are no “set in stone” methods used by botmasters to allow interaction between a user and a bot, even among bots that are hosted from the same provider (e.g. Pandorabots). A bot page can be anything from a simple form with a text box and a submit button that uses POST/GET form submission, or could use a Flash interface, or even an AJAX interface; and other methods exist as well. It would make for an interesting challenge to write a script of that nature, I think. smile


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Yeah I thought it would be a pain.. there’s also the fact that once a domain dies the pages often gets replaced by a search page and so to the script it would look like all is okay.  It’s still probably more reliable for a human(s) to do this task.


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At this stage in the game, I agree, up to a point. The process can still be “semi-automated”, by placing actual 404 responses into one list, confirmed bots (POST/GET or AJAX forms that produce an expected response to “hello”) in second list, and everything else into a third. Then we Humans can winnow through the “404” and “unknown” lists, which would be much smaller in size, thus saving considerable time.


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Hello Cless Alvein. There is my chatterbot Jeanneton who speaks French.
it’s here.


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