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CX Company, chatbot market leader in the Netherlands since 2005, will speak on the Amsterdam Chatbots Meetup on Wednesday, Oct 18!

hi there

hi im new here just wanted to get to know a few people


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Well, Kaileigh (or Lily, as your bio states), you may want to start off with a brief description of your interests in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and/or chatbots. From there we can pursue a great many topics. smile

Oh, and welcome to!


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Hello kaileigh I am new here also and am willing to help you out with any thing you need, nice meeting ya.


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Hey, new here today too grin  I’ve arrived on the site approaching the subject from the perspective of how it maps to Science Fiction (just finished a dissertation on the Singularity in SF and considering a Master’s now, with a book project - two, actually - in the background).


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