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Email Interfaces to Chatbots
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This has been done since the first mail program was written for unix[].  Every back end mail system in play today ( microsoft crap excepted ) has easy to configure and use hooks into very complex mail filtering with auto responders, spam filters, black hole utilities and fancy delivery systems like virtual users and such use .  I was doing what you are talking about with sendmail/procmail almost 20 years ago that way and it’s how most automated response systems you see in email work.

You guys are talking too far up the stack IMO - hook into postfix’s rich capability for mail filters directly and call your chatbot in whatever language works for you direction from that hook.

It would take a competent unix/mailserver guy about 5 minutes to set up. ( don’t ask me, those days are far enough in the past I can’t claim competence anymore.. wink ). 

Security is a big risk also when you start talking all these web api to pass email through.  Opening up something like this on a public port just seems like asking for trouble from spammers and hackers.  Even very mature, heavily used, carefully scrutinized, secured, open source and constantly improved protocols like SMTP/IMAP, etc have serious problems that require full time attention and constant upgrades. 


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> (@pepi_post)

- Cloud Based Transactional Email Delivery Platform

- Reliable, Scalable and Powerful Email Delivery Engine

- Reliable APIs. Choose between SMTP or HTTP

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this is getting interesting Marcus!! I’m still waiting for customer service chatbots (agents) who are sending e-mails with additional information after or even during a chat conversion.


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> Computer, respond to this email: Introducing Smart Reply in Inbox by Gmail

Smart Reply will be rolling out later this week on both Google Play and the App Store in English. If you’ve got a lot of emails on your plate, now’s a great time to try Inbox and get through them faster than ever.



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> (@mailparser)

Extract data from e-mails ....

Forward e-mails to, get structured data in return ....


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- Connect to Zapier


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