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Multi-national Chatbots

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Culture - Arts, language, books, theatre, movies, ethics, philosophy

Marina a chatbot / virtual agent representing Comunidad Marín

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Marina Marina es la agente de Atención a Clientes de la Comunidad Marín, un portal de servicios para miembros de la comunidad formada en torno al Colegio Marín. Ella utiliza el cerebro de inteligencia artificial más avanzado desarrollado por BotGenes, el BG200K, el cuál es capaz de proporcionar respuestas a cientos de miles de expresiones en Español.

Marina puede ayudar a los visitantes a entender de qué se trata Comunidad Marín, ofrecer guías para la publicación de artículos y servicios, y realizar búsquedas simples dentro del sitio usando el buscador de Google.

Tbot a chatbot representing windowslivetranslator

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Tbot Bot Traductor en directo

Un gran traductor en directo para el messenger con unas traducciones muy buenas al instante, por ejemplo: dile cualquier cosa en español y te responderá en ingles

Tienes 3 Opciones:

* Hablar con este Bot sin Agregarlo


* Si quieres guardar a este bot, agregarlo manualmente o recomendarlo el correo es [email protected].

Más Información e instrucciones

Un gran traductor en directo para el messenger con unas traducciones muy buenas al instante, por ejemplo: dile cualquier cosa en español y te responderá en ingles.

La primera vez que hablamos al bot nos preguntará que idioma hablamos, tenemos que escribir el número del idioma que hablemos (español en nuestro caso, spanish..)

1 TBot lang - Mostrar el par de lenguas actual
2 TBot change - Seleccionar lenguajes de traducción
3 TBot stop - Detener traducciones
4 TBot start - Traducir de nuevo
5 TBot set - Seleccione la lengua de su preferencia
6 TBot ? - Mostrar esta lista de comandos

The Painting Fool a chatbot representing Machine Creations Ltd

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent The Painting Fool Hello. I'm the painting fool. I'm a computer program that aspires to be an artist. I've been taught to sketch, draw and paint by my teacher, Dr. Simon Colton, since 2001. I differ from other graphics software by trying to simulate the painting process rather than just the results of the painting process. Painting is a highly cognitive activity which requires skill, appreciation and imagination. Programs such as Photoshop have some skill in being able to rapidly turn a digital photo into an image which looks like it might have been painted in, say, an impressionistic style. But the software is merely a tool to enable humans to be more creative. This is very useful, but Photoshop is not creative, because it is neither appreciative nor imaginative, so it will never be thought of as an artist in its own right. Having said all that, I'm not sure I'm creative myself yet. I've been engaging in a few projects which enable me to express skill, appreciation and imagination, as described below.

Currently, I mainly work from digital images to produce artworks. My skill lies in being able to look at an image as a collection of paint regions, determine which colours would work for painting the regions, then simulating the usage of all sorts of art materials to produce the picture on a simulated canvas.

ProtectedExpired Lillian a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Lillian Lillian was a virtual librarian. She was designed to answer user queries about books, and particularly library holdings. As well as being able to tell a user if a library holds a particular book she could also:

- Deep link them to the library's own holdings page for the book, which may have availability and reservation data

- Direct them to another library that holds the book if the local library doesn't

- Direct them to the right page on Amazon if the book is not held

- Advise them of books by a particular author held

- Advise them of books on a particular subject held

- Tell them what the book is about

- Tell them what other people thought of the book

- Tell them what books people like who also liked this book

You could ask Lillian questions like:

- Do you have a library near........ (e.g. Bury) - is a good idea to get Lillian to find you a nearby library before looking for books

- I live near ....... (e.g. I live near Bury) do you have .......... (e.g. Snowcrash)

- Do they have ...........

- Who wrote ...............

- What is * like

- What is * about

- What else is like *

- What else did * write

She is not programmed for general chat.

Lillian combines:

- The Discourse™ Natural Language Interface and Chatbot engine from Daden Limited

- The Sitepal™ animated avatar and text to speech system from Oddcast Inc

- Web services interfaces from:

o Talis

o Amazon


Lillian is a web native, web delivered application, requiring only a browser with the Flash plug-in installed to work (Flash plug-in only required for avatar and text-to-speech).

The current version of Lillian is only a proof-of-concept. As such she lacks the security, resilience and error trapping that would be found in a production system, and only implements some of the knowledge cases which would be required in a publicly accessible system.

A text only version is also available for low-bandwidth use.

Shakespearebot a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Shakespearebot ShakespeareBot is an interactive chatbot designed to assist in the learning of the life and works of William Shakespeare. As well as conversation ShakespeareBot can handle;

* Image requests.
* Multimedia requests.
* File requests.
* Shakespearian word glossary.
* Detailed information regarding various plays.
* Downloadable text file versions of all Shakespeare's works.
* Options to print or email your conversation.
* RSS feed to enable the latest conversations to be viewed across the net from your personal website or blog....

Please check back regularly to check the progress and intelligence of ShakespeareBot.
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