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Customer service Chatbots

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Customer service - To answer questions about delivered goods or services
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Betty Ask Betty your questions on feminine hygiene and intimate health!

Betty is equipped to fulfill the following objectives:
- Educate women on intimate health (Provide Facts, Tips & articles)
- Introduce consumers to Betadine Feminine care products.
- Tailor Betadine products based on lifestyle / personality choices.
- Purchase / Request Sample for Betadine feminine care products
- Provide woman a platform to open up on their intimate issues.
- Provides directions to purchase the Betadine feminine care products from the nearest retail outlets & e-commerce channels.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Marketeer Marketeer is a hybrid chat bot, it can answer all of your questions related to Marketeerco. It uses artificial intelligence an machine learning to optimize the customer experience.
So, a customer service platform that learns from our agents and respond to our clients while improving our customer engagement.

Marketeer adds up to 90x efficiency using Artificial Intelligence. It learns from human-to-human conversations and from customer behaviors.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent BB Dutch Airline KLM (part of AirFrance/KLM) introduces BB (that's short for BlueBot); KLM's service (chat)bot on Messenger.

If you'd like to book a ticket, there's a new way to do so. You'll get your boarding pass through this channel.

ColorMeHappy Bot a chatbot representing ColorMeHappy Cosmetics

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent ColorMeHappy Bot The ColormeHappy Bot can recommend lipsticks from the ColorMeHappy award-winning range of Korean lipsticks!

It can conduct a skintone analysis, recommend the right colors, help you with your shopping decision, show you pictures, tell you jokes, feed you lipstick trivia!
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent CruiseBe CruiseBe is always up for a challenge when it comes to making your cruise experience much easier and enjoyable. Today we are happy to introduce you to the CruiseBe Facebook bot!
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent KeiraBot Keira is a Real Estate Bot ( Robot ) that connects you to your Dream Home. She is always courteous, Always learning and, Always available, 24/7, 365 days a year.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Virtueller
Bürger-Service-Assistent The "Virtual Service-Assistant for Citizens" combines the advantages of the existing services and creates an additional communication channel for citizens - a virtual assistant implemented as a chatbot that answers common questions about Berlin’s authorities and their services. This relieves the service-center-agents and enables the citizens at the same time to resolve their questions in a dialog also outside the office hours.
The virtual assistant allows asking questions in natural language. It analyzes the requests and gives concrete answers instead of referring to long texts. Like a service-center-agent the virtual assistant guides the citizens through all aspects of the service and location descriptions. It consults and points out important details. The virtual assistant asks questions whenever a query is unclear or ambiguous.
Altogether, a natural conversation with the dialog system is enabled, that imitates a personal contact with a service-center-agent. Over time, the virtual assistant becomes more intelligent by learning from past user behavior.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent RocketBot This chatbot helps organizations (Small Medium and Large Enterprises) to understand what chatbots are and how they can leverage AI to improve their business.

By answering a couple questions, such as the type of industry and business goals, this assistant will be able to provide you a recommendation on which type of chatbot could benefit your company the most.

Grant Uncle a chatbot representing BTME Corporate Services

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Grant Uncle A Chatbot dedicated to educate Singapore SME on Singapore SME government grants.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent BrighterMonday bot The BrighterMonday bot allows users in Uganda to search for jobs based on location and job category preferences. It also allows users to subscribe to job alerts which they receive once a day. The bot was created to aid in solving a huge problem in East Africa - unemployment. The bot also has a Talk to Support function that allows a user to be assisted by a human when necessary.
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