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Environmental Chatbots

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Environmental - Natural environment, ecology, world climate, flora & fauna
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Singapore Weather Bot Built by, this is a demo weather bot that tells you the current weather, weather forecast and pollutant standards index level in different locations in Singapore

The bot uses Live weather API by the National Environment Agency in Singapore

Bella a chatbot / virtual agent representing Humanity Online

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Bella Bella giving custom weather reports

Lifeguard a chatbot representing Wereld Natuur Fonds

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Lifeguard The Lifeguard is a chatbot developed for the Dutch World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This chatbot is implemented in the Dutch social media platform Hyves. Users can add the widget to their profile to show their support for the foundation. The World Wildlife Fund uses this chatbot to increase their brand awareness and sales among their target group. The chatbot can be managed from Ecreations own Knowledge Management System. This system also provides information on the number of conversations, messages and unique users per day.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Nina Nina, who welcomes you at the UnicefChat on Facebook, helps visitor selecting relief goods which are urgently needed. Subsequently, the visitor is transferred to the safe payment environment. When returning from the donation shop the visitor can invite friends to make a donation.

Nina is the first virtual assistant on Facebook in a shop environment.

Wiktoria a chatbot / virtual assistant representing BuildDesk Polska

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Wiktoria Victoria is a virtual assistant in BuildDesk Poland, a consulting firm in the field of energy. Victoria answers questions concerning energy conservation, certification and auditing. She assists visitors and gives advice on solutions dedicated to professionals associated with the analysis, energy auditing and certification.

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Contact Us The Chegg Contact Us Agent provides instant customer service that's available 24/7. The intelligent virtual agent serves as the first point of contact for engagement across all customer service channels. Alone, it handles over 200,000 conversations per month and, through its dialog strategies, determines the appropriate channel to direct the customer. This service model matches the hectic schedules of Chegg's target user group, college students, while simultaneously assisting Chegg's customer service department in balancing customer service channels. Customers are able to get answers immediately and at a time that's most convenient for them even if the customer service department is closed.

Protected Ollie a chatbot / virtual agent representing The Woodland Trust

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Ollie Ollie is believed to be one of the most integrated deployments of Virtual Agent technology for the Woodland Trust.

With climate change and reducing carbon emissions well and truly on the agenda, Synthetix created a Virtual Agent to provide an end to end solution for the Woodland Trust to receive donations from its premier corporate partner.

Robo Ed a chatbot / conversational agent representing Conpet/ PETROBRAS - Brazil

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Robo Ed Hello! My name is Ed, I'm here to help preserve energy and other natural resources. What do you want to talk?
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