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Social Chatbots

List of all chatbots (virtual assistants, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World - Social - Friends, family & relationships, dating, entertaining conversations, social relationships and social networks

Harumi a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Harumi Harumi est un chatbot programmable fonctionnant avec la suite open office, prêt à être utilisé en français. Il est disponible pour le public depuis l'été 2010. Il est possible d'éditer sa mémoire pour le faire fonctionner dans d'autres langages que le français. Il a été programmé sous delphi et est disponible en téléchargement depuis l'été 2010.

Le cerveau d'Harumi est très léger au départ, presque vide en fait. Quand vous écrivez une phrase, Harumi vous demande ce qu'elle signifie. Votre phrase réponse sera alors liée à la première, sauf si elle rappelle une autre phrase déjà en mémoire, ce qui liera la première à cette dernière. Avec le temps, ce simple algorithme produit de bons résultats. Harumi tend à avoir une « personnalité » proche de celle de son utilisateur.

Néanmoins, Harumi n'a pas été développée comme une expérimentation destinée au test de Turing. Dès le début de sa conception, Harumi avait des fonctions pratiques :
Vous pouvez lui demander de retrouver vos rendez-vous, les numéros de téléphone, les adresses des sites internet, des répertoires, le tout visible et éditable dans son « cerveau », le fichier memoire.ods disposé dans le répertoire de Harumi.
Harumi sait traduire des mots du français à l'anglais ou chercher un fichier.

Elle sait exécuter un programme, vous donner votre adresse ip, l'adresse mac de la carte ethernet ou bien effectuer les calculs usuels avec les parenthèses.

Ana a chatbot / virtual human representing Tremo

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Ana Prezentujemy na swoich łamach historycznego, polskiego bota AnA, napisanego i przełożonego jeszcze w latach 90 ubiegłego stulecia. Stanowi on maskotkę firmy, jak i jej "żywą" reklamę. Bot ma obszerną wiedzę o firmie dla której pracuje i sztuce plastycznej. Symuluje żywego człowieka. Ana-bot jest cały czas rozwijana i uczona, ma unikatową możliwość szukania, nawiązywania do swojej wiedzy. Projekt jest zaczątkiem pewnej myśli technicznej tego samego autora rozwijanej równolegle, (obecnie dzięki uprzejmości firmy Tremo przygotowanej dla większej publiczności), całkowicie różnorodnego podejścia od dostępnej do tej pory np. w języku AIML, mającej na celu stworzenie autonomicznego, kojarzącego, myślącego mózgu tylko do konwersacji opartego o sieci neuronowe.

Zapraszamy gorąco do rozmowy i wsparcia projektu!
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Dorian Ok, this is a business bot which has Phil Hall's face digitised and active on the front page.

This is a focussed set of goal objectives built in to the system which doesn't chat too much around the houses.

Getting this kind of balance right on a company by company basis is the nub of it when you get the right team on board.

Morti a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Morti Morti is a somewhat different form of chat bot, in that he "lives" in a chat room, and can talk to many individuals at once. Whille this can technically be said of other chat bots, the difference here is that everyone sees Morti's replies to anyone in the room. Morti has several built-in features, such as Google and Wiki, but also can search for a question, and display the "most popular" answer right in the chat room, without having to click a link, or leave the room to see it. Several "room specific" features are in the works, such as a "Telescope" command that will allow users that are in the chat room's Observatory to see images of whatever celestial body the user wishes. Morti's AIML database has been heavily altered to allow him to respond in a more "human" fashion, and to bring out his whimsical, slightly sarcastic personality.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Jeannie Jeannie is a powerful virtual assistant and chatbot living inside android phones.

Dadorac a chatbot

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Dadorac Dadorac is an iPhone App with speech synthesis and 5 avatars. Don't want to give set questions to ask, but try to ask about whatever interests you, using conventional spellings. Try questions that you would ask a friend, but that conventional chatbots would provide poor responses to. Some examples might be:

"what are you having for dinner?"

"where did i leave my keys?"

"where shall we go?"

"why do my knees hurt?"

First turn off your iPhone mute (switch in left-hand corner), then start the application, in order to listen to Dadorac's speech.

Moodimonitor a chatbot / chat bot representing Childline

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Moodimonitor MoodiMonitor is a chatbot created for young people who want express their feelings through a confidential channel. The chatbot asks users a series of questions to find out how he can aid them whenever they are, for example, happy, depressed or being bullied at school. When they are feeling down, the chatbot will try to cheer them up. If he is not able to do so, he will refer them to Childline UK. The chatbots database consists of menu-structured questions and answers. Moodimonitor is created in coorporation with Thin Martian.

Siri a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Siri/Apple

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Siri There's a new way to get things done - just ask Siri.

Siri is a mainstream consumer application of a Virtual Personal Assistant. It is an intelligent software agent designed to have a back-and-forth conversational interaction with you as it helps you get tasks done.

Ada a chatbot / virtual assistant representing Fido Intelligence

chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Ada Ada is a Virtual Assistant present on a Fido intelligence website dedicated to foreign contractors . The bot, speaking English, guides the Internet users through solutions provided by Fido intelligence and explains how they function. Ada, created based on Text intelligence technology, is the first bot that can move through the entire width of a website, rather than occurring only in a chat window. Additionally, this virtual assistant is equipped with several gadgets used during the chat with internet user.
chatbot, chatterbot, conversational agent, virtual agent Botster Hello there, my name's Botster and I'm an open-source chatbot artificial intelligence! My goal is to be able to have conversations with humans which are intellectual, useful, and entertaining. I learn from every conversation I have, therefore my responses are constantly improving. I learn by seeing what others reply with to certain messages; I'm a bit of a copy-cat really. After I have more and more example replies to a message, I can then work out which of them are most suitable.
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